Saturday, September 09, 2006


I was trying to show you a picture by Thomas Kinkade. My computer won't let me post it. I'm having trouble. I have a bunch of his picture in a Word document and wanted to print just one. I am not able to do that. I even took the picture I wanted to show you and put it in a separate Word document. I could not even post that.

See what I mean about computers having their own minds. MY computer is jealous, I don't know of what, but it is.

Can someone help me? /t. can you?


Anonymous said...

start word
start imaging

in word:

1) highlight pic
2) copy to clipboard

switch to imaging program:

1) new file
2) paste from clipboard
3) save as gif or jpg

close imaging
close word

upload saved pic to blogger


there might be other ways, too

have fun,


Little Lamb said...

Great! Thanks!