Saturday, September 23, 2006

Part 2

/t. and Little Lamb finaaly get to see each other and /t. doesn't look very happy and Little Lamb feels guilty becasue /t. has done this so many times before. /t. speaks to the all the lambs except for Little Lamb. She is listening to their conversation. /t. is asking, "Why do you listen to Little Lamb, you know she's a bad influence. You know she gets you into trouble every time. You're all in trouble this time because you all went with her. You're lucky I don't decide to BBQ you all!

In fact we are having a BBQ this weekend and we're inviting a bunch of people." He doesn't tell them about the two lawyers that are coming. One for him and one for Little Lamb.

Little Lamb is a full of trouble lamb. She met Crashtest Comic in a strip joint. She has been known to be a stripper. /t had to rescue her.


/t. said...

it's a
but true
enought tale
of life, death, and betrayal in the lamb pasture, i guess -- a gripping drama, for sure

little lamb, i see you have posted your stripper promo pic with this story -- nice touch!


Anonymous said...

I've taken my time in visiting your blog. I've been obsessed with other activities.:-)
I'm a bit taken aback by your last post.
I can't comment any more till I read backwards. Till then cheers.

Little Lamb said...

/t. thanks.

Little Lamb said...

Thanks, Lex, nice to see you here.

Mayden's Voyage said...

I have been away...and I have to leave again soon- but I was so surprised to find the beloved /t here! (Hi /t!!!)

Is this kind of like living together? I've been thinking about sharing my blog with someone...but with who?

I think /t is a special blogger and you are lucky to have him. Not to mention he is a total computer Guru :)
And you no doubt add some sweetness to his life too- or some wool at least! :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Little Lamb said...

Thank you, Mayden Voyage. Hmmm, I don't look at it as living together, but maybe it is.

Well any /t. has helped me with this blog and he is good with computers. I'm honored he picked me to share blogs with.

Have fun travelling.

Jodi said...

Strip joint???

Lamby! I'm shocked!

puerileuwaite said...

Living together? How scandalous! Lamby, I thought you were saving yourself for me.

Little Lamb said...

Jodi, read Crashtest Comic's blog and you'll understand.

Little Lamb said...

Pug,I AM saving myself just for you. Are you ready yet?