Monday, October 30, 2006


This is not the time to be thinking of a vacation, but I sort of am anyway. I like to do absolutely nothing on vacation. I like to relax. What do you think I do on vacation if I'm home? I go online. I'm always doing something with my computer, whether it be looking up stuff online, going to forums or reading blogs, or playing games. Or just sitting there and wondering where to go next.

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Vacation time is time to do the stuff I don't get a chance to do while I work. Days off are not the same. Sometimes you have a lot to do on your days off. Work really gets in the way of just having fun. But, alas, one needs money to live and eat.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Dolly7 Stack

A stack of 99 troublesome sheep...










Dolly7 Alas poor Dolly7,
now we know why she doesn't like /t.
Seymour tried to save her Seymour and so did Lon...

Here is the guilty man.
So if you've seen him, let me know where...