Thursday, February 19, 2009

Taking a break...

Hi there!

I never can think of anything to post.. So, I'm taking a break, at least for now. When I come up with something I'll post it. It may be a while. I remember I took a break for a while and then I met all of you. Once I started back, I met Pug and the rest of you followed. I will be checking out your blogs.

If Foam can take a break, so can I! But if she jumps off a bridge, oh well, it was nice knowing her. I won't follow her and jump off a bridge, I'll warn people not to jump. You can leave messages for me here and I'll do the same and visit you.

it seems like I do this after every post. Oh well, that's how it goes.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥♥♥

Monday, February 02, 2009

More Vultures...

Ok, ok, I haven't posted in a while. I just never know what to post about. I will post when I can think of something. I thought of something. I have more pictures of vultures.

These vultures are protected by law. It is illegal to kill them. You have to get permission to kill them. One day, on the way home from work I saw one of those vultures in the middle of the street. I went over to take a closer look. I took pictures of what I found.

From what I've read about vultures, it's very hard to scare them. That makes me think, maybe I can make friends with one. That may not be a good idea because these birds are wild.