Friday, March 07, 2008

Voting rights...

I really don't understand politics all that much. Once again Florida has made the news. Florida has not been stupid this time. In fact, it's not even Florida's fault they made the news this time. Florida had Republican and Democratic primaries. I thought we all got to vote on the same day to make it easier to count to see who people wanted to vote for in November. That would make the counting easier, or at least to my way of thinking. Perhaps others felt the same way, who knows?

Michigan also made the news. I don't know that they have ever made the news as far as voting goes. There's a first time for everything. Michigan and Florida made the news fro the same reason. The Democrat primaries were held too early. So that means their votes don't count. Now they're discussing what should be done about it.

If I were one of those voters (voting in the democratic primaries, I voted in the republican primary) I don't know how I'd feel or what to do if I voted and was told my vote doesn't count because I voted to early. The Democratic Party should fix that or something. It's their fault. Why did they even offer a primary too early?

I say take all those votes and count them anyway. Learn a lesson from this.

I really don't know about this Democratic Party at all. What is one to do?


/t. said...

right, LL

what is one to do?

i say chuck the bunch of 'em and throw your vote to a dark horse of another color... little lamb for president! dolly7 for lunch!

¤ ¤ ¤


Little Lamb said...

Oh no, /t. Dolly can be my vice president.

foam said...

little lamb is a dark horse in disguise?
i guess i'd vote for dolly7 perhaps .. if her bbq was good.

Little Lamb said...

Dark horse? Dolly for president if her bbq is good?

Indigo said...

Hi Lamb!

Here's my idea about what's wrong with how primaries work:

-- Democrat and Republican candidates got free money from the Feds, but alternate party candidates don't.
-- In primaries, only Democrats and Repoblicans can vote, despite the fact that the ethos of the Green party is similar to the Democrat party, and the Libertarian ethos is similar to the Republicans.
-- Because the primaries get held only a few states at a time, most of the choice has been taken out of the equation ten states into the primaries.

Little Lamb said...

Hi Indigo!

We should hold the primaries on the same day for everyone. Since the Dems and Reps get choices and the other parties do not, it should be held on the same day for all of us.

Just to simplify things for everyone.

Why can't we have other parties in the primaries too? Just to make it fair for everyone who votes.

Corn Dog said...

I hadn't heard that. What a waste of more money, Lambie. I say count them too.

Skunkfeathers said...

There's an easy fix for the Democrat Party; don't vote for any Democrats ;)

LL/Dolly 7 in '08!

foam said...

actually, on a more serious note ..
i say, count them anyway.
i think it would be a good idea to hold the primaries all on one day too

Indigo said...

You're toght, Lambie: All primaries should be held on the same day. Now, as for why the Greens and Libertarians generally don't hold primaries: they get ZERO dollars of federal assistance (and I'm not sure why the Dems and GOP needs to take my tax dollars to promote candidates that I don't even get to vote for!)

I'm a Green party member, so my votng pattern usually involves choosing the least evil Democrat or Republican candidatte in the general election.

Little Lamb said...

Corn Dog, Great minds think alike.

Skunky, I like that.

Foam, I couldn't agree more.

Indigo, And that's another thing that's not fair. ALL parties should be included and voted for. They are, but in the same numbers. We don't know what the other parties would do in the White House. Why not give them a chance? We know what the Democrats and Republicans will do. Whjy not give another party a chance?

/t. said...

i thought
vice president
was the guy who got
the president his porn

but i've learned since that for republicans, this job is handled by any number of state senators, congressmen, governors, and the president's pastor

monica looks after the dems

american politics is fascinating, yes? **yawn** -- oh damn, i cracked my face...

hillary who?!?


Pink said...

I'm sorry to say this, but I find your graphics completely misleading and given what /t and Indigo have just said, in poor taste.

We can't vote for Greenies, or for Libertarians, or for the Donkey party or the Elephantarians. Is there no justice in the world?

And elephant/donkey porn...thats just in bad taste.


Little Lamb said...

Is that what Vice Presidents are for? To get the President porn?!?

Then the Republican party is very busy doing non essential stuff.

Hillary? She and hubby are running for a third term and doing it legally, I might add.

Pink, I'm sorry, but you bring up a valid point and I don't know what to do about it.

The Phosgene Kid said...

The voters don't elect anyone anymore, the party does. It is a real fraud. BTW, Hillary is a monster!!

Little Lamb said...

I think its the media who will elect our next president. The democrats are getting all the attention and they're brushing over the republicans as if they didn't exist.

ANNA-LYS said...

This sounds Hillarious! ;-)

Little Lamb said...


ANNA-LYS said...


boneman said...

Perhaps you could write your congressman, and he'll tell you who to vote for....
I'm sure he has ideas that can help shape your life into what the political party wants.
I mean after all. They already read the fine print, you don't need to bother reading it. They'll help you choose the right candidates to vote for, will give you the reasons you can tell your friends with, and in fact do everything except pull that lever, but, for Heaven's sake, this year, all of y'all from Florida?

Don't drag this out into another three month argument that eats up every inch of news space on the bickering of two men and dragging the country into a polarization that STILL rings today.....
(uh-oh....I'm going off again, huh? Well, OK, good night, Lil lamb.
Write back any ideas you have on the cook out...
It's almost ready.
(I am reaching the epitome of absolute silliness, too. Dang! They'll be coming to take me away pretty soon, to the funny farm, where everybody is happy and all we do is draw with our crayons all day....)

Little Lamb said...

I'm not a democrat, so my voting in the primaries is done. My guy did not win.

Maybe we should just do away with the democrat party all together.