Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Work and clocks...

Boss lady is a real character. It bothers her if someone looks at the clock too much. It bothers me too, but I let it go. I know how BORING our job is. We have a woman in the morning who looks at the clock A LOT! She's always the first one to let us know its break time. She's the first one who goes on break. In fact one time she announced it was break time, or was it lunch time? No, I think it was break time, she went on break and we didn't follow at this particular time. She was going somewhere and noticed we didn't follow her. She came back all hysterical like and told us again, "You crazy people, it's break time! I told you that already! Now take your break!" We all went on break. At lunch time that day, she said it was lunch time. Boss Lady told me to go before the other one has a heart attack. I went.

We work with someone who has autism in the afternoon. He was looking at his watch every few seconds. Boss Lady noticed this and asked him where he had to go. He has a certain amount of time he has to work. He has no other place to go and we have clocks he can look at to see what time it is. She took his watch away. He was very upset about that. She also mentioned we have clocks for him to look at if he wants to know what time it is.

I have a tendency to look at the clock too, when the woman I'm working with the woman who checks the clock every few seconds. It make the day drag.

Yesterday, Boss Lady decided she was going to unplug the clocks at my table and at her table so no one could look to see what time it is. She said this yesterday morning that she would unplug the clocks that afternoon. I was thinking she's only kidding around or she'll forget. I also thought if it was going to happen, she'd do it after I left. Nope, neither happened. She did remember to unplug the clocks when I was there in the afternoon. I don't know what the time watcher will do when she can't tell us its break time.

I work with a bunch of loonies.

Do you remember the woman I refer to as Truck Driver/Sailor? She is now a manager and when she gets upset about something WATCHOUT!!! It's like cats are fighting. She'll just be complaining about something. It's good to get it out and not hold back, and she really lets out! Let me tell you!


Anonymous said...

post, LL

this one really
has a lot to say -- i was going to write a good, long comment on it, but i see by the clock on the wall that it's time to take a break!


Anonymous said...

You are right they are loonies! How can it be legal to take away someones watch? the man wth the afternoon autism should call everyone out n strike..

Slick said...

I hate clock watching but sometimes I can't help myself. Makes the day seem 3 times as long....

Ruela said...

set the clock forward...

Little Lamb said...

/t. thank you for your comment and enjoy your break.

Mr. Dog, taking his watch away does work, he pays more attention to the task at hand, but then Boss Lady torments him with saying he won't get his watch back until the following week if he still misbehaves.

Slick, I know what you mean.

Ruela, now there's an idea.

Anonymous said...

i'm back

but i forget
what i was going to say...


Little Lamb said...

No more breaks for you and give me your watch!

Anonymous said...


robbing me
just because my memory is bad?!?

ahh, i get it -- you think i'll forget that it was you who robbed me... tricky, lamb capone

(but i haven't got a watch... you should visit lexcen... he has lots)


Little Lamb said...

I'm not robbing you because your memory is bad. I'm not robbing you period. I don't do that. I'm taking your watch from you so you'll do your job correctly. I will let you know when you can go on break.

I think you do have a watch. I see it on your wrist.

Yes, Lexcen has lots of nice watches, but he does his job correctly.

Now if you don't have a watch, hand over your shoes.

Anonymous said...

now i'm too scared to comment. all this watch taking and shoe taking ..
oh, goodie, i'm not wearing either.

hmmm, clock watching here..
i do enjoy the piet mondrian inspired clock you posted. foam

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Hmmmm. Max Weber, sociologist who specialized in studying working conditions, would probably say that a bunch of clock watching in indicative of problems in the organization. Me? I am thankful that I have not had to punch a time clock in over 40 years. I’d rather work 16 hours a day accomplishing something that 8 hours just putting in time.

Is there any escape for you from this tediousness?

Mighty Dyckerson said...

This post would be a lot more entertaining if you removed the 'l' from all the "clocks."

Corn Dog said...

Boss Lady cannot take personal property of an employee. Little Lamb, she is treading on very thing ice here particulary since the employee is probably considered disabled. Her behavior is horrid. Are you sure you want to stay here after you get your degree?

Bird said...

oh tick tock and bother!

boss lady needs to be entombed in a giant clock - or strapped to the arm of a giant clock. oooh!

the clock in my car is an hour late and 5 minutes fast.

the clock in my kitchen is slowly and steadily losing time as its batteries are about to die. it is currently 12 minutes late. i may be fifteen minutes late by morning - won't know until then. should i report back?

i never wear a watch.

i don't have a clock in my bedroom. i use the alarm on my cell to wake me up - but there's no clock face I can see.

Time is of the essence.

Hell hath no fury like time abused.

Time will wear you down just as its wearing down the batteries in my kitchen clock.

time is fleeting.

time, time, time
is on my side.
yes it is.

tick tock.
times up
i must away.


Little Lamb said...

Anonymous, Foam, I like it a lot, too. Thanks. Hmmm, I may have to take something else, then. :)

SSN, Hopefully. I may get a different job after I finish my office studies. I keep begging the Lord for a different job. He's the ONLY reason I can tolerate ANY of this. The time clock we use is a different story and rant.

Dycko, Hmmmm.

Corndog, Not in the same job, no. If they have the position I'm looking for it will give me the experience I need to know what its like working in an office. If I get the experience I need it'll be a lot easier to get an office job elsewhere, if I so choose.

Bird, I like your idea in strapping boss lady to a clock. Let the autism guy help.

I also use my cell phone as an alarm. This way, if the lights go out while I'm asleep, I can still wake up in time.

foam said...

here, LL, i'll give you my crud...;)

nonanonymous foam

Scary Monster said...

Me don't have much time to comment, but Me believes that if some one took me wristwatch away me autism would turn into turets before ya could say hickory dickory doc.


Post Stomp.
Dyckerson has the funniest comment me has read in ages. What a loon!

Pink said...

well I have to agree with Cornie. This is grounds for LAWSUIT!

And...I totally agree with Dyckie

Anonymous said...

I had no idea you could have autism only in the afternoon - what does he have the rest of the time?

Ruela said...

buy a cuckoo clock.
koo koo koo koo
and your boss lady will be with migraines.

Sornie said...

It sounds as if Boss Lady tends to focus on small annoyances. I am guessing that she may not be the most productive or best boss in the world.

Little Lamb said...

Foam, I don't want crud. We get too much garbage as it is.

Scary, it is very upsetting to him but he freely gives it to her.

Pinks, you agree with Dycko?

Anonymous, he has autism all the time supposedly. I'm not around him all the time. Silly person.

Ruela, good idea.

Sornie, You got that right. She has to have something to eat after she gets work and make sure the coffee is made. Thanks for visiting.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Lamby unplugged!!! How did you know when it was time to go home???

Little Lamb said...

I have a watch I wear to work. It hasn't been taken away...yet.

The Phosgene Kid said...

You know what would be funny? If you worked in a clock factory. The woman that likes to look at clocks wouldn't know where to look first - it would drive her crazy.

Little Lamb said...

That would be funny.

Anonymous said...

if she
took my watch
away from me, then
i'd look at my wrist every few seconds


Little Lamb said...

I know what you're saying. That's a good idea.

Give me the matches you have.

Anonymous said...

my watch
and now my match

ok, here's a match: the clown and brain damage


Little Lamb said...

Thanks. You told me you didn't have a watch. Did you lie to the lamb?

Anonymous said...

no, LL

i don't lie

don't have a watch, a comb, or a microwave oven, and i didn't save a bundle on my car insurance at geeco


Little Lamb said...

/t.! But you do! I happen to know you have a microwave oven in your house. So you must have a watch too!

Anonymous said...

you are
little lambster

i do have a bbq, er, lamb tanning bed that is big enough for two... say, yourself and a friend... dolly7...

let's do lunch sometime


Little Lamb said...

/t.! I am not mistaken. Dolly and I will NOT have lunch with you anywhere near that tanning bed.

Anonymous said...

I have a microwave with a clock on it. Try confiscating that!!

Little Lamb said...

See? The dog is honest. If he wants to do lunch, I'll do lunch with him.

Ruela said...

lamb15 as a nervous twitch.
It will be it's biological clock.

Little Lamb said...

That's meth lamb. Meth lamb is very hyper.

Anonymous said...

I also see there is a kind of clock on my cooker - now that weighs a ton!!

Little Lamb said...

Ok, bring those to my place of employment and we'll set them up and see what Boss Lady says.

foam said...

i have a cuckoo clock that doesn't work. maybe you can have that...
if i can find it, that is.

puerileuwaite said...

That's why I had to take all of the clocks out of the bedroom. I don't want visitors to know when it's break time.

Stan!! said...

Dyck is right. Now that you are a proud Mighty Blog affiliate, it's time to serve up the hot stuff!

Little Lamb said...

Foam, A clock that doesn't work?

Pug, In the bedroom, you don't need to know what time it is, if you get my drift.

Stan, OH NO!!!!

BUMBLE!!! said...

It's always great to see people who know that "real work" matters more than those people who enforce the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Little Lamb said...

Real work does matter.

Anonymous said...

** heave ... heave ... heave ....!! I shall be there Monday Lamby...**

Little Lamb said...

Sure. But work doesn't start until Tuesday. Maybe we can get things set up.