Saturday, October 06, 2007

Taking a Break...

I'm thinking of taking a break from blogging. I never can think of anything to write about. I always end up asking my loyal readers what I should write about. It shouldn't be that way. I may stop by your blogs and see how everything is. If anyone wants to keep in touch, just email me.


carmen said...


Anonymous said...

just when i started visiting too.


Stan!! said...

How can you bear to part us from, Lambo?

boneman said...

everyone needs a break, sometimes.

Doubt you'll be forgotten....
(wait. did you say "forgotten?"
why would you say that?)

Yeah, a time of rest to get things in perspective. Keep things fresh.
(wait... you're saying it ain't fresh? But, I shower everyday. Really.)

Relax and enjoy life some before reprting back to us about it, that's what'll give you new found energy. Vitality. Umph!
(so, you're saying the vitality is gone?)

Ah, but how sad.....
Sending another lamb out to pasture, so to speak....
(Now, just wait a cotton-pickin minute there, boneheadman! Who the heck are you putting out to pasture? It's just a lil break!

Enjoy yer rest, little one.

Anonymous said...

on the
other side,


puerileuwaite said...

I shall be counting each day as I drift off to sleep.

Pink said...

a day without lambie is a day without sunshine

and i live in London.

i need all the sunshine I can get


Lambie - why don't you just post about your day. Tell us what your life is like. Give us peeks into the pasture so to speak.

I'd like to know what you do, how you feel about things...what pisses you off and sets your wool on end.

But if you're bored with blogging, I'll understand.

I'll cry alot

But I'll understand.