Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Back to work...

I went back to work today. I HATE TO STAND ALL DAY!!!! I have a stand up job and have to stand all day. Other than that it was ok. I had lots of energy from being on vacation for two weeks. I was in good spirits. At work I normally find the fault in everything.

When I went on vacation I was working 40 hours a week. Previous to that they cut my hours down to 35. I was ok with that and liked it. I got 5 hours more of sit down time. Then I went back to the 40 hours a week. My supervisor made that decision all on her own. Someone had gotten laid off and was brought back to work. Well, my supervisor's boss wasn't too happy about it, so the one who was brought back was laid off again. I'm back to my 35 hours a week.

I'm going to enjoy my free hour. I like getting home early, even if it is only an hour.

Another good thing about it is I get to go to school an hour earlier. I go to school 2 times a week. On my day off and one day during my work week. On the one work day I get one more hour of schooling which will help.

Oh, and you know what? We have to work on our day off to get Thanksgiving off. I think that stinks. That's what one gets for working for a non profit organization.


/t. said...


sounds like
someone needs
another vacation


Little Lamb said...

Pick me! Pick me! I have experience in that very thing!

foam said...

let's see....
when you go back to work do you change into the little green lamb in the sidebar that is jumping all by it's lonesome self .. you know.. the one with attitude?
does that mean you'll have to give up your sippy drink now that you have to be all grown up and serious again?

all kidding aside..
i hate it when folks mess with my schedule without warning me..

ps: and i bet going to lamb school is very educational.

Little Lamb said...

They've done this before anytime we have a holiday, so its to be expected.

Going to lamb school is educational and fun. I enjoy it.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

That's funny. I thought you spend all your working hours on your back...

Pink said...


isn't thanksgiving a statutory holiday?

I mean the thursday. I think you HAVE to be given that day off.

Now...the Friday...which most people take off...if you have to trade your day off for Friday, I can understand that.

But I think its illegal to not give you Thanksgiving.

You could always tell them you need your day off too. Then lets see if they make you work thanksgiving.

If so...I think you're entitled to double time or something like that.

Don't push around the lamb!

Serena Joy said...

I don't like people messing with my schedule, either. Once I get used to a certain routine, I like to maintain the status quo until *I* decide I need a change.

I'm with Pinks on the Thanksgiving issue. I don't see how they can force you to make it up if you take it off. And won't the store be closed for Thanksgiving, anyway? That doesn't seem fair.

mutleythedog said...

Why do you have to stand up all the time? I would suggest you take a chair and sit down for a bit - or a futon and lie down..

Ruela said...

study L.L. study
it's for your own sake.

Little Lamb said...

Pink, Thanksgiving is a holiday. Some stores are open on that day here. My store isn't open that day. I have to work Monday, my normal day off. They know I want Monday off too. I tell them every time I have to work it. It does no good.

The only time my job gives over time is if you work over 40 hours for that week. I work for a non profit organization.

Serena, I totally agree with you. But what is one to do?

Mutely, that sounds good, but its easier to do the job standing and they don't provide chairs for the job, or futons.

Rueia, I am, I am and enjoying school.

Ruela said...

cool L.Lamb
be the 1ยช graduate lamb!

Little Lamb said...

I like the sound of that, Ruela.

Ruela said...

hope you like the other sound... ;)
come here.

Little Lamb said...

What other sound?