Sunday, October 07, 2007

Who amI trying to kid???

I can't leave any of you. I think it was Pink that has me convinced about not leaving you all. I'd miss you too much. I started to miss you after Pink posted.

I will blog when I have something to say.

I go back to work on Tuesday.

Maybe I'll tell you about the car I want to eventually buy one day.


Anonymous said...

Had you thought about writing about stuff that happens to you like I do? I would be interested.... especially if it had a sexual element..

foam said...

it's hard to leave the blogging world, isn't it. i've tried taking lengthy breaks before. i think i've lasted all of 1 1/2 weeks one time.

Pink said...

I would be interested in anything you write lambie!!

Yay! Hey Everybody! Lambie's back! Lambie's Baaaaack!


Thanks LL. I'm so happy you're back.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Dammit, why did you get my hopes up like that?

Serena Joy said...

I didn't realize 'til just now that you were thinking of taking a break. I'm glad you've rethought it. I'd miss you! Just post about whatever's going on in Lamby's world and the flock will be happy.:)

Little Lamb said...

Mr. Dog, I'm afraid I may lead a boring life to you, but who knows until I tell you. I have to let my dear readers decide for themselves.

Foam, I would miss everybody too much. I don't like missing people at all. Yes, it is hard. From now on I'll just take silent breaks so I won't have to say goodbye.

Thank you, Pinky poo.

Dycko you missed me and you know it.

Serena, Ok, you got it.