Sunday, September 23, 2007

This post is by Seymour...

Pink is the one who inspired this post. In Little Lamb's chat box Pinks asked: What's Seymour's story? What's up with this out of place turtle that looks so eager to please? Little Lamb explained that she found me on a forum. Actually here's how I met Little Lamb and the rest of the lambs.

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Little Lamb was out walking with Dolly, they really are best friends, or jumping rope as she always does when she's not lounging. They were walking and chattering away. Little Lamb can talk non stop when she sets her mind to it. They were walking by a farm and stopped to look at the cows in one area and horses and they also had lambs on the farm. Lambs make good pets, or so Little Lamb would have you believe. Lambs also need a lot of care and are no good in the wild. They're very trusting animals and make good prey for bigger animals, like bears and wolves that want an easy meal. That's why they have to have shepherds watch out for them. Lambs are prone to wander, especially in groups.

Little Lamb and Dolly stopped to talk to the cows, horses, and lambs, the colored lambs that you see on Little Lamb's blog. I was out taking a walk too, and I saw all the animals talking and I understood what they were saying. They started talking about the weather. Little Lamb is a friendly lamb and she'll talk to whoever looks friendly. I hope that doesn't backfire on her one day. I do worry about that with her. When I saw the animals talking and was listening to them Little Lamb saw me and picked me up and said she found her pet turtle Seymour. I thought she was friendly right from the very start and was glad she wasn't trying to eat me. It was love from the very beginning.

Little Lamb and Dolly went on their way bringing me along. Little Lamb asked me to be their shepherd and I agreed. I can be quite the vicious one if someone attempts to make my lambs miserable. If you're nice to my lambs they'll be nice to you.

And if you notice in the picture I posted of Dolly, Little Lamb and myself, I'm bigger than both lambs. I can protect them. I was little when Little Lamb found me.


The Phosgene Kid said...

It's a snapper!!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

I used to have a friend named Seymour. His last name was Butts.

Pink said...

Suddenly Seymour
was standin' beside you
You dinnit need no makeup,
nor have to pretend
Suddenly Seymour
was there to provide you
Sweet understanding

Seymour's your friend


Thanks for the guest post by Seymour!!

Seymour the Turtle said...

Kid, Me? A snapper turtle? I can be if someone harms the lambs. I'm a good watch turtle.

Dyck, That's not nice. You are not allowed near the lambs.

Pink, Thank you. That's a nice poem.

Stan!! said...

Seymour is as gay as a handbag full of rainbows. Hey lambie, what's wrong with Dyck's comment? I thought it was kinda funny. Am I alone in this regard?

Pink said...

Seymour - its not my poem. Its from Little Shop of Horrors. Beware of talking plants, Seymour!

Little Lamb said...

Stan, Seymour is NOT gay. He likes female turtles. And yes, you are alone in thinking Dyck's comment is funny.

Pinka, Seymour says Oh oh! he will watch out for talking plants.