Monday, September 17, 2007

OJ Simpson is in the news again. First it was because of him being a famous football figure. I don't remember hearing anything bad about him then.

Then all of sudden, Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman turn up murdered. That happened in the '90's. One head strong cop made sure OJ wasn't going to get a break. This particular cop didn't like Blacks. He used the "N" word. OJ claimed he was innocent. I remember hearing about a letter he wrote right before he decided to run. He claimed his innocence. Lots of speculation on that. Why did he run if he were innocent? Where was he when the murders were being committed? I never understood that if he were innocent why wasn't it made public where he was? Or maybe I just didn't understand the time frame. Either way it never made any sense to me why that was never revealed to my understanding.

While the trial was going on, his and Nicole's friends came to Nicole's rescue and said bad things about OJ. Things that probably could've changed the verdict if they could be proven.

Then you the grieving Goldman's. Fred Goldman was very outspoken in this case. You could understand his side. After all, he lost his son who was murdered along with Nicole. Actually it was 3 families that should have rallied together. We mustn't forget the Simpson children. They are now without their mother. So you have Nicole's family, Ron's family, and the Simpson children.

Then recently OJ wrote a book about the murders. Fred Goldman found out about it. He made sure the victims of the murders got the money from the book. You've got to look up to Fred. He wants what's rightfully his. One thing he hasn't gotten yet is justice. I'm sure that's how he feels, but maybe not.

OJ is in the news yet again. This time robbery is the cause and he's in jail now. j He claims he was taking what was his and was stolen from him. He said guns were not involved. The police say otherwise. If OJ is convicted he will spend a lot of time in prison. This man is a celebrity. I'm sure the other prisoners know about the murders he allegedly committed. I don't know if he committed them or not. He probably did and got off. How will the other prisoners treat him?

I know the bad guys don't like murders or child molesters They have to be kept away from the prison population. OJ is not in prison for murder this time. But I'm sure some of the prisoners will know about the case. If convicted, will he survive prison? He is 60 years old.


Serena Joy said...

It would be poetic justice if he got some jail time to serve. It would sort of make up for the time he didn't serve for the murders he probably committed. I doubt anything will happen to him over these robbery charges, though.

Little Lamb said...

What I'm wondering is who will the famous lawyers be to get him off. I believe money talks.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Sigh- I wonder what kind of treatment the other robbers will get (wasn't there more than 1?)

I think OJ is a ticking time bomb- and probably running very low on cash. If money talks- he won't have much to say unless his followers jump in to bail him out- and I'm not even sure the likes of Rev. Jackson or Mr. Sharpton want to touch this guy with a 10 foot pole.

I didn't know he was 60! Wow!

Anonymous said...

i saw OJ
in an old movie

they named orange juice
after him down in florida


Hammer said...

He will be a celebrity in prison like all other sports stars.. that is if he goes at all.

Corn Dog said...

I was like you, Little Lamb. Why did OJ run and where exactly was he when the murders were committed? I think OJ is insane and guilty. I think he thinks he is above the law. I have always felt something very bad will happen to him in this life...or the next.

Pink said...

let the lambs have at him

Pink said...

poetic justice....I wonder what that would look like....

Little Lamb said...

Mayden, eventually he will have to pay for his crimes that he's done in this life.

/t. Really? is that why we call orange juice, orange juice after OJ? Gee, I didn't know that, you learn something new everyday.

Hammer, we'll see. He should be treated just like the rest.

Corn dog, something very bad could happen to him very soon if he goes to jail.

Pink, Dolly will be very afraid and she can be skittish and will go crazy and OJ will be sorry then.

puerileuwaite said...

It's one thing to murder a couple of folks. Heck, who hasn't wanted to do THAT on a daily basis?

But I draw the line when it comes to pilfering sports memorabilia!

I'm not sure I want to go on living in that kind of world. I have a lot of reflecting to do.

Anonymous said...

yes, LL

i'm a fountain
of useful information,
but not nearly so deep as the pug


Stan!! said...

He'd make a great cell mate for Phil Spector. Phil's jury has still to reach a verdict....after more than 10 days of reflection.

Little Lamb said...

Puggy poo, life is worth living.

/t. if you say so.

Stan maybe Phil has the old OJ jury.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

/t is more like a bidet than a fountain.

FREE O.J.!!!

Little Lamb said...

Dycko, free orange juice? Where?

Anonymous said...


what is this?

you're not defending me against the wicked clown's onslaught? et tu, LL? et tu?


Little Lamb said...

/t. What defense do I have against a CLOWN??!? Well, ok, Let's see....

I KNOW!!!!



Ummm, /t.? Is that better?

Anonymous said...

yes, LL

that's better

thanks :)


Anonymous said...

I don't recognise the guy... is he famous or what?

Little Lamb said...

/t., you're welcome. I'm glad I could be of service.

mutleythedog, you must be very young. OJ used to play football but retired from that. Yes, he is famous.

Anonymous said...

are my hero, LL



Little Lamb said...

/t. I am? I feel honored. Thank you. <3

The Phosgene Kid said...

He'll be washing big Bruce's socks for him in no time and find out first hand why they call it the slammer. The ironic part is he used to play a cop on Police Squad.

Hope the tornadoes I have been hearing about here are giving you a pass. There was one down by Coral Gables and another further to the North.

Little Lamb said...

That's if he doesn't get off like he did the last time. We'll see what happens.

No tornadoes by me so far. I was told to go the other way if I ever see one.

Anonymous said...

Well he seems nice to me - I don't want to raise the spectre of racial prejudice but really, one has to wonder why the Police are picking on him . Has there been anything about this on TV....?

Bird said...

i am thankful that i'm not watching tv these days - i'm sure the so-called news channels have been all-oj, all the time - instantaneous, on-the-spot coverage.

actually, his run in the white bronco so long ago is what brought the 24hr news coverage into its primacy. yup, we've got oj to thank for that.

someone needs to squash this guy like a bug.

or peck him up and swallow him down. but no self-respecting bird would do so.



crescent said...

Good Grief Little Lamb I never knew he was so ugly !!!! I'm on the beer again LOL

Little Lamb said...

That's not a good picture of him.

I wonder what you'd think of him if you weren't drinking beer? You might feel the same way.

The Phosgene Kid said...

something about that picture reminds me of my last trip to the zoo...

Little Lamb said...

That wasn't very nice.

Crashtest Comic said...

If OJ kills one more person (with a knife) he'll officially be a serial killer.

Go Juice!

Little Lamb said...

He probably just killed two, so far.