Sunday, November 12, 2006

I don't know if I want to admit where I live during the elections anymore. My state is going to end up being the laughing stock of America. First it was the election of the president when Al Gore and George W. Bush ran to see who would be president. I'm not totally blaming Al Gore for the recount. It was Florida who messed up. There had to be a recount of ballots in that state because people in West Palm Beach made mistakes in who they voted for. It took a while to do the recount.

Now during this past election it's something else. Someone put a rare stamp on their absentee ballot. Whoever was going over the ballots spotted this because when they were little they collected stamps and recognized this stamp to be very rare.

$200,000 stamp put on an absentee ballot

And guess what? By law no one can open the box it's in. It is not even going to be counted because it has no return address on it. This was done in Ft. Lauderdale.


Anonymous said...

little lamb

about the stamp
and about all of the weird stuff that happens in florida -- i always thought california was your weird stuff state, but i dunno now...

this is a really good post, by the way -- i think it might be one of your best

and, i hope you get your stamp back...


Little Lamb said...

Thank you, /t.

It wasn't my stamp. I didn't put that stamp on the absentee ballot. I put a regular stamp on mine.

Anonymous said...


wink wink
nudge nudge

$200,000 smackers, eh... that's a lot of lamb chops, little lamb...


Little Lamb said...

Really, it wasn't me who did it.

Yes, that is a lot of lamb chops. Lamb is very expensive.

puerileuwaite said...

Who gives a **** about the rare stamp? Are you saying that EVERY ballot in the same lot as that one was not counted?

That's insane, even by Florida standards.

Lamby, I am holding you personally responsible for smacking the **** out of your fellow Floridians.

They are real dumb****s. Don't make us sell that ugly tract of land (which looks a lot like a ****, BTW) to Cuba!

Little Lamb said...

Ok, Pug, I'll have to put everybody in this state in line. Or at least I'll try.

We'll have to dress up the state so it looks good to Cuba.

Bird said...

oh lambie-poo,
it wasn't the
good people of west palm beach
that made mistakes.

the gig was rigged.

Little Lamb said...

I disagree, hut I do wonder.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

i was always amused with the "cant punch through less than card stock conspiracy"...what does that say about the superstars these dolts were trying to vote for? grrherhahaha

dont take it hard lamby i myself am a native born (dont tell perileuwaite! ) floridian not too far down the road from you. zero beach. some of the most fun you can have in life is being a representative of *whatever* scorned. grrherhahaha

im in a great mood somehow. glad i spent it with the lamb.


Little Lamb said...

k9 where you're from really isn't that far from me.

I'm glad you spent it here too.

Anonymous said...

wait a minute

there's something
peculiar about hat stamp, little lamb -- all of the printing is right side up!


Little Lamb said...

It's supposed to be, /t. The airplane is upside down.