Saturday, November 18, 2006


Dolly7Little Lamb  Dolly says
she wants to go visit /t. in the hospital.

Little Lamb : You what?!?

Dolly : I want to go visit /t. in the hospital.

Little Lamb : Why? He's been so mean to you. He tried to kill you.

Dolly : No, not really. It was all in fun.

Little Lamb : WHAT!?!

Dolly : /t. and I are really the best of friends. He never would think to harm me. He really never has. It was all done in fun.

Little Lamb : What do you mean?

Dolly : It was all done as a joke. /t. really is the jokester.

Little Lamb : What about you attacking him?

Dolly : We had it all planned out. He was to follow you.

Little Lamb : All this time it was just a joke?

Dolly : Yep. To fool everybody, not just you.

Little Lamb : What about the restraining order?

Dolly : I'm going to leave that option open and see what happens between us now. Meanwhile, I have accepted /t.'s invitation to visit his private amusement park...


Bird said...

not sure if i'll visit ANY of YOU in the hospital. your behavior is quite outside the range of civilized, repectable people. but then, you are animated lambs and some sort of graphic/computer artist who disguises himself as dali - so i don't suspect any of you are civilized at all.

given that, if you children cannot play nicely, i'll have to peck your eyes out.


Little Lamb said...

That's not nice.

Anonymous said...

maybe not

but funny, yes!

and anyway, little lamb, she was talking mostly to me as i am not her favorite -- further, she thinks i'm a lech for some reason

btw, i'm naked -- i wonder if she is, too...


Little Lamb said...

Your favorite statue is.

Anonymous said...

Dolly, don't go! It's not an amusement park; it's a GREEK RESTAURANT!

Little Lamb said...

Dolly never should have gone, but I talked her into protecting herself, which she did. Stayed tuned for the continueing saga of Dolly and /t.