Friday, November 17, 2006


Dolly7Little Lamb  Little Lamb goes to Dolly
in her secret hiding place. /t. is nowhere to be found.

Little Lamb : Dolly! I'm here! It's safe to come out now.

Dolly : Are you sure? That /t. has it in for me. He never liked me. I don't know why. From the very beginning I was never sure about him.

Little Lamb : Oh come on Dolly. He's the one who named you.

Dolly : Yeah, after a cloned lamb. How can you even trust him? He's Canadian.

Little Lamb : I dunno. We just kind of hit it off right from the beginning.

All of a sudden... /t. shows up.

/t. : So there you two are! I have flowers and apples for you!

Dolly looks up to see /t. Poor Dolly is frightened. She throws herself at /t. and takes a hold of his arm and won't let go. /t. is laying on the ground screaming.

Little Lamb looks on in SHOCK! Her blog mate and her best friend in a fight. /t. keeps trying to push Dolly away but she won't let go. He's beating on her head and she doesn't care. She's taking out her frustrations on all that /t. has done to her.

Little Lamb calls 911 on her cell phone. The ambulance comes and takes /t. away and locks Dolly up where she can be safe. Little Lamb explained that it was a domestic fight.


Anonymous said...

really bites,
little lamb


Little Lamb said...

I guess, for you it does.

Anonymous said...

violence here
is very disturbing
to my delicate sensibilities, little lamb

i'm not sure that you're a good influence on my young and impressionable mind...



Little Lamb said...


Anonymous said...

Dolly should consider taking out a Restraining Order on /t.

It's simple.

Just take a copy of one of the many that were previously filed, and change the Plaintiff's name to Dolly.

Anonymous said...




Little Lamb said...

Pug, she has. Little Lamb helped her.

/t. you mean, mean person.

Anonymous said...


i resemble
that remark!

dolly is immortalized time and again in wonderful [albeit dark, twisted, and bizarre] works of art, and this is the thanks i get?!?

what a world! is it any wonder that vincent cut off his ear?!?

you'll love me when i'm dead!

yes you will...


Little Lamb said...

But you put her on fire.