Thursday, November 16, 2006


Dolly7Little Lamb  This is Little Lamb
showing Dolly7 how to jump rope. Little Lamb is trying to lose all that weight, but hasn't lost any yet. Maybe she should try a new exercise program.

Dolly is trying to tell Little Lamb that the jump rope is doing her no good, but Little Lamb insists that it is.


Little Lamb : My jump rope is doing a world of good. The bloggers we know say I have a hypnotising effect on them.

Dolly : They're just being polite. You really are a fat lamb. Lambs should not be as fat as you are.

Little Lamb : That's why I'm jumping rope. Besides, /t. has asked me to be blog mates with him at our blog and at mo'po.

Dolly : That happened a while ago. And to be honest, I'm really not too sure about that /t.


/t. : Hey, look Little Lamb -- a box of matches! OOPS...


Little Lamb yells at /t. : YOU PUT HER ON FIRE!!!! YOU @!#$@! Little Lamb runs and gets the hose and drenches Dolly until the fire goes out. Then she sprays /t. with the hose.

/t. springs into action : ** spits on Dolly7 **
No harm done, Little Lamb -- that burnt wool will grow back in no time.

/t. is now drenched from Little Lamb spraying the hose on him.

/t. : Hey, look Little Lamb -- a box of razor blades...

Little Lamb : Let's get out of here, Dolly. I'm going to hide you in our secret place that /t. knows nothing about. I've got to wrap you in tin foil so /t. won't find you.

Dolly : NOT a good idea. He might BBQ me if I wander about.

Little Lamb : No wandering about until he agrees to treat you like all the other lambs.

Dolly : That'll never happen, he likes to pick on me. I know what I'll do if I ever see that %$^&%#%! again! I'll bite him!



Anonymous said...

about a
little lamb...

i'll treat all of the lambs like Dolly7


Anonymous said...

Could be worse, Lamby. He could've done things to Dolly that only a DNA test could reveal.

Good post. I laughed out loud at this one!

Bird said...

as i read, i exclaimed: "NO DOLLY NO! Whatever you do DON'T take the rope and skip. JUST SAY NO!"

but then...

the story turned dark and scary.

poor dolly (though personally, better she be on fire than skip rope...).

but really lamb - suggesting she wrap herself in foil? she'll either get thrown on the barbie or worse, start communicating with aliens.

Anonymous said...


that tin foil
is to cloak Dolly
from /t.'s Global DPS technology --
Dolly Positioning System


Little Lamb said...

/t., if you treat all the lambs alike just as you treat Dolly, that means you'll be mean to me too!

Pug, maybe he should to that DNA test on Dolly. Or some kind of test... Oh! Wait! I'm supposed to be on Dolly's side, what am I saying?

Bird, I've got to protect Dolly from that mean /t. he's rotten to her.

/t. I have Dolly hidden away where even you DPS won't find her.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Is Dolly an alter ego?

Little Lamb said...

No, Dolly is another lamb friend.