Thursday, October 12, 2006


Remember him? Let me remind you of what I told you about him in August.

"Slacker" is the total opposite. (Of Grabber who would grab the clothes from me) You have to push clothes to him or he won't touch them, unless, of course you give him the clothes out of order they were processed in.

What would you think of someone who doens't like America, and thinks this country is a joke, who lives here, and won't go back to their own country? Plus this person has fathered two children and won't support his own kids. This person is on disability.

I believe this person is on disability so he doesn't have to support his own kids. This person also has 2 part time jobs and is too lazy to get up in the morning. One job is off the books.

What would you think of such a person?

Well, he walked out today. Something has been bothering him and he won't say what it is. He lives with his mother who is in her early 70's. He's too lazy to mow the lawn so she has to do it. His mother went to New York for a couple of months and when it was time for her to come home, he had a friend of his clean the house. I'm telling you, this guy is LAZY. He admits it.

Boss Lady and I were finishing our lunch and he comes into the break room and sits down. Boss Lady told him to go to the table (where we work) and we'll be there shortly. He got uppidy and said he'll go when we go. This went back and forth, and Slacker said Boss Lady to fire him. She didn't. We all go back to the table and start working. We were all discussing Slacker in front of him. I stated what I thought was bothering him. Slacker said Tuesday his mother was waiting to die, He didn't say how she was health wise. What I think this meant was he would have to start doing whatever work needs being done in the house and outside.

Boss Lady kept it up and was talking to him about how he should do what she says (He should) and how he doesn't know who's boss. He had enough. He took his ginger ale and walked out and said "You can take this job and go to hell." This person will not do anything to even help himself.

Boss Lady called her boss and told her what happened. Slacker will not be allowed to come back. I don't think that'll bother him. I'm sorry but I was relieved and happy he left. I kept trying to like him and realize he's just plain lazy and tried to accept him as he is. It's hard to do that when people keep telling him what he did wrong in the past and how he should make amends and how he doesn't need the disability because there's nothing physically wrong with him.

Slacker has a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He did that for a few years. He's very smart. He went to two different colleges. He can tell you what happened in his life and the year it happened and even the day.

He's gone and I'm glad. Does that make me a bad person?


Anonymous said...

as it
little lamb,
i don't think
you're a bad person

had you rammed lawn furniture up his nose, poured boiling tea into his ears, set his face on fire with a blowtorch, and nailed his hands and feet to a telephone pole, then you might be getting close to crossing that line...

actually, little lamb, i'm with you -- happier just knowing he's not around


Little Lamb said...

Thank you. I had to get that out of my system.

puerileuwaite said...

Lamby, the following thought comes to mind:

"We are richer for having lost him".

So does this one:

"Addition by subtraction".

I expect greater happiness from you moving forward (at least until they replace him with another salcker).

Little Lamb said...

He cannot come back because of the way he leftl They have already replaced him with someone who seems to work. We'll see how his replacement is. It was a lot better today without him, at least for me.