Monday, April 06, 2009

Road Kill and Vultures...

I was on my way to things outside of the home. As I was going about my business, I saw a lone vulture, in the middle of the street. I said to self, Oh rats! I don't have my camera! I then realized I had my cell phone and proceeded to take a picture of the vulture in the middle of the street. Once I got to my destination, I looked to see if the picture came out. It didn't. I was very disappointed. Photobucket I decided on my way home I would check to see if the vultures were still there. They were! Photobucket I went home and put my groceries in the frig as fast as I could and went back to where the vultures were with my camera which needed batteries that I took with me. These are the shots I got.

Poor dead animal that was getting eaten. I think they were taking turns eating it.

The vultures were on someone's roof as you can see.

I bet they were wondering what I was doing.

I wonder if this was the one earlier this morning that I had to go around. He was in the middle of the road and I had to go around him. He wouldn't move, but after I passed him he went to his friends on the side of the road. I was in my car then.

All of these pictures I took I was out in the open. They could have attacked me. I didn't know how close they would allow me to get so I kept my distance. I didn't want to scare them. They vomit if you do.


boneman said...

perhaps they were just looking for a recipe book to cook the meat.
Looks like possum?

That would be 'Joy of Cooking'

Little Lamb said...

Maybe the ventured to go look for one. They didn't even offer to share.

puerileuwaite said...

This is why I have a "No Loitering" sign on MY roof.

(And also why I have a "No Paparazzi" sign by the road.)

Little Lamb said...

Would you like to come with me next time to look for vultures? Maybe we can find out where they stay.

/t. said...

i think
if i saw vultures
gathering on my neighbors house
i'd probably have to go check on my neighbor

unless it was the house of the woman with all the cats

¤ ¤ ¤


Little Lamb said...

Hmmm, maybe I should go check on them. Or maybe they do have all the cats. I really don't know.

Or maybe they're the one's who gave the vultures the road kill.

The plot thickens.

foam said...

i almost ran over a vulture the other day. it finally did move when it realized that i might just actually plow it over. i wasn't in a position to be able to veer away though .. or slow down that much. it was on a highway.

Little Lamb said...

Well, they can't live forever.

/t. said...

eat thyself

¤ ¤ ¤


Little Lamb said...

I don't think they eat other vultures. They're not cannibals.

boneman said...

there's a question opened up over at Phos's place for you, Lil Lamb.
I can pose it as easily here, if you'de like.
If Mike (you like Mike) had won the presidency, wouldn't he have opened the same closet with all those unpaid bills that Bush junior left?
Would he have been honest enough to bring them to our attention? (I think, yes)
...and, would you be calling HIM a fascist when he tried to pay them?

boneman said...

I really like your new vulture pix, by the way.
I hope you aren't teasing them...
Just remeber...
Keep moving.
Keep moving....

Little Lamb said...

Mike may be honest about our debt. Maybe not. Mike promised to do away with the IRS and have a fair tax.

Obama is not trying to pay off our debt. He is making it even bigger.

Skunkfeathers said...

1. Vultures vomit when you scare 'em? *sneaking up on dining vultures..* BOOGA BOOGA!!!!

2. It is true that vultures are not can-able. Don't have a can big enough, and can't get the lid on fast enough...

*ducking boos and throwd vulture vomit*

dianne said...

Well Lil Lambie, these are great pictures but I am going to forget all about the vultures on the roof, the poor dead animal and vultures vomitng up road kill when you scare them.
However I will say what a lovely place you live in with all of that green woodland area...except for the vultures.
I think they would eat one of their own if it was laying there dead, and dont you get too close they can get quite vicious if you are too confronting and you wouldnt want to get pecked with one of those sharp beaks. ♡

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Well, I am glad there are plenty of vultures around. After all, the road kill would pile up pretty quickly if there were no scavengers to clean up the remains.

The beautiful thing about the natural world is that nothing is ever wasted. Vultures eat dead animals. The vultures excrete. Plants, fungi, and insects eat the excrement. Larger animals eat the plants, fungi, and insects. Then they die, vultures eat the remains.

It's basically only the human race that insists upon believing they are utterly divorced from the ecology.

ANNA-LYS said...

Glad they did not attack You!

Little Lamb said...

Skunkfeathers, Oh skunky!

Dianne, I don't think they would eat one of their own. I don't know though. I find them fascinating. I also don't know if they would attack or not and don't plan to find out. They don't seem like they get scared easy.

Indigo, Or they eat road kill and that does help the environment One does not have to call animal control all time.

Anna-lys, me too!