Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rating Blogs...

Carmen asked me about these ratings. We use these ratings for movies in America. When I was visiting blogs I saw this on someone's blog, but this person's blog was rated R. I've decided to rate different blogs and say why those blogs are rated as they are.

The people who got the "G" rated blogs are: About the Author, Mo'po, Mayden's voyage, CARAVANNE, NOTGROG, V Agent for Breakfast, and myself. We all got it for different reasons.

About the Author used the word "sex" once, Mo'po used the word "hell" once, Mayden's Voyage used the words "hell" twice and "hurt" once, V Agent for Breakfast used the word "crap" once, CARVANNE , NOTGROG, and Little Lamb's Space - no bad words were found.

The blogs who got the NC-17 rating are: Bird's blog for the words abortion (5x) crap (4x) assholes (2x), anal (1x) Cruel Virgin use the words * dead (32x) death (20x) pain (4x) hell (2x) sex (1x) Hammer used the words gun (21x) asshole (3x) poop (2x) shoot (1x) Dycko because he used the words * shit (11x) fuck (10x) fucking (7x) hell (5x) penis (4x) dead (3x) hurt (2x) sex (1x)

These blogs were rated PG: Scary Monster for the words shit (2x) dead (1x) Code'po() for the words dead (2x) crack (1x)

These blogs got an R rating: Dan's blog for the words sex (5x) suicide (4x) hell (3x) crap(2x) suck (1x) Gripes of Wrath for the words porn (2x) asshole (1x) Why Must it be This Way for the words * sex (4x) dead (3x) crap (2x) shit (1x)

This surprises me about all of you. We all have different ratings. That's ok, we're all different. But they say birds of a feather flock together. So are we all really that different from each other?

I wonder if I ruined my "G" rating?


puerileuwaite said...

I love it when you write dirty to me, my Little Lambycakes!

Lexcen said...

Lamb, thanks for the mention. I'm quite proud of my R rating.

Anonymous said...

no shit!

thanks, LL!


Anonymous said...



Bird said...

Ah, but I have also used these words: cock, cunt, bitch, asswipe, cocksucker (and I beleive cocksucking), as well as brief descriptions of various sexual acts and techniques.

And you neglected to mention my use of the word "erotica," as well as my post on erotica and my post about who could do me and who could not. Really LL - I fear your research has not been thorough. Surely if you had been thorough I would have earned an NC-17 PLUS rating. (I blush to think of it.)

I'm not sure why the word "abortion" warrants an NC17. Do other medical procedures mentioned on blogs also rate an NC17? How about "breast agumentation" and "breast implant"? Not to mention the words, busom, boobs, tits, and knockers.

And yes, LL, you'd best change your rating, or delete this post and at least two of its accompanying comments.

Bird kisses to you, LL.


Dan said...

It seems everyone discovered this blog rating at the same time. I did it last week and discovered the same thing -- R, and they cite my charity work with the suicide prevention organization as one of the reasons! Ugh.

Enemy of the Republic said...

What did Pug get again? I did that ratings thing on Ricardo's who also got an NC. I figured I would get an R; I don't think either of us deserved the NC, but knowing the blogosphere, it will initially attract readers until they see how tepid it actually is.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I got a harsher rating than Pug! Wow!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Thanks!! Just me and Disney. Glad you didn't look back at some of my early posts!!!

Yours should be rated LF for Lamb Fun.

Bird said...

I have come back to delete my previous comment, but find I cannot.

I would like my comment to disappear. I meant it humorously, but it doesn't read that way at all - it's not very nice at all.

My apologies.


carmen said...

i'm sure some day i'll reach the upper stages, despite the language barrier: first the NC-17 degree, and then ,who knows, with much effort, the R !!!! wow

Scary Monster said...

Me not too sure how this "rating" thing workd, but me be mighty surprised that anyone would actually count the amount of times Me has used an off color comment. This actually messes up me next post about Dorathy's amorous adventures through the land of Oz.

Little Lamb said...

Pug - Awwww. how sweet.

Lex, you only used 2 "R" rated words,though. Is that fair, when others used more words than that?

/t., Such language.

/t., You're forgiven.

Bird, I'm sorry but those are the words that got you rated as you are.

I went back to check my rating, and it was NC-17, but I like the "G" rating and I may post the NC-17 rating as well. We'll see.

I don't know if other medical procedures are rated as abortion is, but I see nothing wrong with using any medical procedure in your blog or comments.

Lamb kisses to you. (I don't know what lamb kisses look like. :) )

Dan, Go figure, especially when you're trying someone not to commit suicide.

Enemy, Pug got an "R" rating and is proud of it.

Enemy, Pug got a harsher rating than you, go figure.

Kid, I don't know hwo these things work. You're very sweet.

Bird, I want your comment to stay. You don't come very often. It's ok about your comments.

Carmen, you've got a long way to go.

Scary, I love Dorothy and the land of Oz!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

This post contained an awful lot of naughty fucking words. So much for your fucking G Rating. Bitchin'!

carmen said...

oh, mighty...

you've ruined LL's G-pattern with your fucking foul she gets straight into R because of you !

boneman said...

I got a G rating, but, I seriously doubt the validity of the rating, eh?

"For example, you wrote...
The blogs who got the NC-17 rating are: Bird's blog for the words abortion (5x) crap (4x) assholes (2x), anal (1x) Cruel Virgin use the words * dead (32x) death (20x) pain (4x) hell (2x) sex (1x) Hammer used the words gun (21x) asshole (3x) poop (2x) shoot (1x) Dycko because he used the words * shit (11x) fuck (10x) fucking (7x) hell (5x) penis (4x) dead (3x) hurt (2x) sex (1x)" and yet...
yours is a G rating.

Then again, it's kinda like saying,
"you should never use no and never in the same sentence" but, having just done so, it still makes sense.
Well, more than this comment, at least, eh?

Anonymous said...

my new
blog is up at mo'po


Little Lamb said...

Dycko, Such language.

Carmen, He's a clown in all senses of the word.

Boneman, thank you for stopping by. Always good to see you. I suppose so. boneman.

/t. I'll have to check it out. There is no X rating.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I think it is XXX not juts X. Sex sells, after all.

Little Lamb said...

Yes, unfortunately it does.

Anonymous said...

fortunately it still does !!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Thanks Little Lamb...
I'll take the G rating- my son likes to read my blog at his school and show his friends- so I'll never post anything questionable at Mayden's Voyage.
Though- there are probably some photos I should delete :) But those aren't too bad either!

Little Lamb said...

You're welcome, Mayden. I bet he's proud of his mom.

she said...

lamby this is an xrated site. you have talked about sexual threesomes, beastiality, violent lamb sacrifice,
gratutious burnings...and so on.

Little Lamb said...

Where do you see sexual threesomes? and where is the bestiality? Violent lamb sacrifices was /t.'s idea, and any kind of burning was his doing. But she, I'm afraid you might be right. It'll be our little secret. ok?

Anonymous said...

this is all really

Little Lamb said...

I'm glad you liked it, foam.