Saturday, April 08, 2006

I've been dycked!

Dyck does not like my blog at all. I really don't care how he feels about this blog. It does not belong to him. It is mine, all mine! It is mine to do with what I want. For one thing, I NEVER EVER asked him to do this. I resent the fact that he did. This blog may not be good, but it is my blog. I just have to think of stuff to write about. I keep my thoughts to myself, that way I don't get into trouble. When I speak my mind, that's when I get into trouble. It happens at work all the time, so I just keep my mouth shut.

He doesn't like anything about this blog at all. Too bad Dyck! This is my blog not yours! If you don't like my blog stay away. Don't come here anymore.

He doesn't like the pictures of my lambs. Too bad! I like those pictures. So what if they don't match. They are on my blog to stay. If you don't like them, don't look. If you don't like my clock, don't look at it! And the lamb on the lounge chair was made for me by someone on Police Hub. It means a lot to me and I want to show it off and will do so whether you like it or not. He thinks I have a twisted mind, he thinks that lamb is smoking crack in a crack pipe! I knew right off it was a drink in the lambs hand. (or paw, whichever you prefer.) He must be on drugs to know what a crack pipe looks like.

Hs also doesn't like the fact I haven't changed my blog at all. I like this blog and have no desire to change it at this time. I like the colors and everything about it. So too bad Dyckie.

He thinks I have Satanic messages hidden in the Bible passages that are on here. He probably never opened a real Bible in his life.

He said and I quote: "I'm almost ashamed to have this blog affilated with the Mighty Blog Network. I mean, even I have my standards." I'm kind of ashamed to be associated with it because of the filth he posts. He swears in every one of his posts.

There are people who like to come here. Dyck is not one of them. In fact, he has a forum that hardly anyone goes to. It's so boring he can't even give it away for free.

And another thing, be careful if you go to Dyckies dead forum. He has been known to change my psots. He might change yours too. And watch out for Revree, too, his sidekick. She told me I was so close to being banned and I didn't even do anything! He has banned me several times because I said I was never banned. So be very careful if you ever go there. These people play rough. They're like little kids posing as adults.


Mighty Dyckerson said...

Wow, this is the absolute best thing you have ever posted! I knew you had it in you! This is exactly the kind of passion and emotion I've been looking for! You have learned the teachings of Dyckerson very well, and I'm proud of you!

Keep up the good work!!

RevRee said...

Lambo, when I said you were close to getting banned...I WAS JOKING!!! I can't bann you, nor would I.

Little Lamb said...

I didn't realize that at the time, Revree. Dyck is always threatening to ban me and I'm tired of it.

Little Lamb said...

Oh no! I learned the teaching of Dyckerson! That can't be good!