Monday, April 09, 2007


I didn't get much done today because I have a cold. I blame a co-worker for giving it to me. She came to work with a cold and it seems I caught it. Well anyway...

I was thinking of what I could say on my blog. I don't watch much TV, except for Survivor and a new show I started watching with an online friend, Deal or No Deal. I only watch Deal or No Deal if he's online. I watch Survivor on my own.

I like Deal or No Deal because I want to see if the contestant will walk away with lots of money. Some of the contestants are really cool. I remember one contestant said he had 5 children. He said "Count 'em! He then proceeded to count on his fingers, "one, two, three, four, five!" Yes, i am easily entertained. I remember a time my aunt said to my uncle, "Tell me I'm beautiful!" My uncle said, "You're beautiful." I laughed at that. My aunt said "You're easily entertained."

Carmen made me something that I absolutely adore.

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You can find it here: notgrog

You can find her other work here: CARAVANNE

And more of her work here: sAyingsomething

She is very talented.


Scary Monster said...

Me is always appreciative when co-workers give me a gift.
The last time someone gave me a cold, me returned it with a leather medal on a shoestring.


P.S. Stay away from TV. Me watches too much Japanese TV and see what it did to me.

Little Lamb said...

Maybe I can give this cold back to my co-worker or give her another cold, who knows?

Why should I stay away from TV? I need other stuff to besides being online. I spend a lot of time being online. I even get upset if my online friends ignore me.

Anonymous said...

piece for you
is really nice, LL

i like the transparency

hoping you are over your cold soon


carmen said...

i know...scary...don't tell me...leather medal and shoe string with a slight scent of cold skin, right??
an encomium...a praising portrait ...a laudatory presentation..?? isn't a little too early for that, LL??
no, i'm not 60 yet....the wrinkles were ...artistic, LL, not lol lol

but ....THANK YOU, LL !!!!

carmen said...

thank you, too..../t....
but too much transparency causes permanent damages, you know...

Little Lamb said...

Thank you, /t. I like it a lot. I hope I'm over my cold soon, too, /t., thanks

Carmen, Thank you, I think.

carmen said...

LL, i don't know why you still have doubts...

carmen said...

(are you over your cold, LL...)you don't deserve this...a punch in your mate's flued nose...

jali said...

My favorite show is House. (Gregory House is my TV husband)

Bird said...

mucking about still LL?

i can't recall if it's feed a fever, starve a cold, or starve a cold and feed a fever.

just eat chocolate.

that should do the trick.

Little Lamb said...

Carmen, I wonder about you.

No, I am not over my cold, Carmen and Bird

Bird, I never rmember which is which eitehr. I had chocolate last night.

Anonymous said...


you told me
you had no chocolate
for easter, little lamb

it now is clear that you were simply making a lame play for my sympathy -- well, no more chocolate for you, LL... and you should send yourself to bed without any dessert, too

woe, what wicked webs we weave, wittle wamb!


Scary Monster said...

On Easter me only eats vegetarian chocolate: The carrots, not the bunnies or the peeps.


Little Lamb said...

jali, I never watched house.

/t. I really didn't have chocolate on Easter Sunday, I don't think. Now I can't remember. Well anyway, I didn't get it for Easter, I got it before then. It was not Easter chocolater. It was just chocolate I had laying around for those occasions you don't give me any.

Scary, I don't like those marshmellow peeps. I never had veggie chocolate. What's that?

Anonymous said...

a likely story,
a likely story,


The Phosgene Kid said...

I am easily entertained too, though it usually involves fire.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Almost forgot, I love the artwork. Carmen and /t. are on the cutting edge - good stuff!!

Little Lamb said...

Kid, While /t. does good work, Carmen did not need /t.'s help. She has a talent all her own.

Fire is quite entertaining.

Scary Monster said...

Veggie choco is the carrot that comes with the bunny. Carnivores eat the bunny. Herbivores eat the roots.

Me be Dr. Stomplittle

Little Lamb said...

Oooooooooh! Do you talk to chocolate?

Anonymous said...

hey LL,

"Fire is quite entertaining"

you never used to think so... how times change

so, for your next post... another movie you like, or one you don't like, or maybe a post about fencing -- a fence post(!) -- whatever -- looking forward, as always


Little Lamb said...

/t. times have not changed. Fire facsinates me, but not when it comes to burning lambs. The only time you wanted to use fire was when you wanted to burn Dolly7.

I guess this is a way of telling me to get posting.

Anonymous said...

dolly7 & fire
were a natural combination, LL -- they just went together so very well

i always look forward to your posts here, but i don't mean to bug you about it ( until after you post ;)

whatever, whenever (hey, maybe a post about shakira, lots of pics) -- i'm sure it'll be a good one


The Phosgene Kid said...

What I meant was their style and artistic expression is on the cutting edge, meaning each is a fine artist in their own right and each is pushing he envelope in their chosen media. I didn't think they were collaborating.

Bird said...


you have CHOCOLATE just lying about?


did you know about this /t.? i suspect you are playing innocent - you knew all along.

is this then, paradiso?

Anonymous said...


Bird said...

i realize it looks highly suspicious - but that wasn't me lamb - on that last comment. i would never threaten you.

must have been my evil twin sister, the common tern.

she is...


Little Lamb said...

/t. you're asking for too much.

Bird, I'll share my chocolate with you if you don't tell anyone.

Anonymous, I'm sure /t. will help you if it involves the burning of lambs. I'll have to run and hide where no one can find me.

Bird, an evil twin bird.