Friday, August 25, 2006

The people I work with

are something else.

First we have the “Screecher” this one has a high pitched voice when they talk loudly. She’ll be right next to you and then schreech. She’ll watch you jump and then laugh.

Then we have “Loud Mouth.” You know when she’s around. She speaks loudly and yells. And if she’s not saying anything she bangs things around. This one is LOUD. She talks like a sailor or truck driver.

I don't work with these two all day, but we do run into each other. I work for a non profit organization processing donated clothes. I work with people who hang the clothes. I process and pick out the good stuff and the hanger hangs them on a rack and brings the rack out and someone else puts them away, like Big Mouth.

My supervisor will be referred to as the "Boss lady." I called her a bad name one time and found out that was not a good idea.

I process clothe for the "Grabber" in the morning and "Slacker" in the afternoon. Grabber grabz the clothes and quick hangs them before I even know there gone and then wants more clothes. As soon as I turn my back the clothes are gone. If I'm not finished with them, I have to quick grab them back and finish with them.

"Slacker" is the total opposite. You have to push clothes to him or he won't touch them, unless, of course you give him the clothes out of order they were processed in.

These are some real characters.


puerileuwaite said...

I work with a Loud Mouth too. She is our Business Office Manager. Unfortunately she secretly wields the power, and can make ANYONE'S life exponentially more miserable than it already is. She can even get you canned if she wants to badly enough. So everyone lines up to kiss her heiny just enough so they can still sleep at night. (I can get a little more specific when I'm commenting on our people's blogs, BTW.)

Little Lamb said...

That gives me an idea.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Did you get the dirty underwear I donated last week?

Little Lamb said...

Yes but I burned it.