Thursday, September 24, 2009

I went to the beach today to take some pictures and got my feet wet.

I was walking along the water and saw this little bird. He was playing tag with the waves. He is rather cute.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


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Little Lamb is on vacation. She is sitting around playing solitaire and being lazy. She'ws having the time of her life. When the mood strikes her, she even cleans her room a bit.

She decided she was going to get a flu shot so she doesn't get the flu. She hates being sick. She called the local drugstore which is probably known across the United States. She called from her cell phone. She got an automated voice asking her all sorts of questions, none of which pertained to the flu shot. She was asked about the phone number she was calling from. The automated voice wanted to know if they had it on file. Little Lamb said she didn't know. She wondered to herself, if they know she's calling from the number she's calling from, why can't the voice just look it up? That's what gets these automated voices all shook up. They try to get a yes or no answer and don't get one, so then they let you talk to a real live honest to goodness person. They actually breathe air and eat food. Imagine that! I have to remember that just in case I have to talk to another live person.

Well, she got her flu shot,but the lady who gave it to her really gave it to her! LIttler Lamb was in tears it hurt so bad. That lady jabbed it into Little Lambs armn and it hurt after that. Little Lamb recovered nicely. She may select a different drug store for the swine flu shot.

She gets flu shots every year.

Why I told the story in the way I did, I have no idea.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

More pictures...

I saw this balloon on the way to work and wanted to get a picture of it. I couldn't do while I was driving. After I got to work it was right there, so I jumped out of the car and quick took my picture.

Today on the way to work, I almost ran over that brown bird. Then I saw a bunch of white birds in front of me and put the car in park and quick got my camera and started snapping pictures.

This one is a tad blurry because I was getting excited. Another car was trying to get by and saw me taking pictures.